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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Our last-minute gift list will please even the most discerning cyclist, from technical bike gear to trendy clothing. Plus, even if you've left it to the last minute, everything in our guide can still be under the tree in time for the 25th of December.

Hill and Ellis Pannier Bags

Hill and Ellis Pannier

Designed for life on and off the bike, Hill and Ellis' bags are made to bring joy, along with style and functionality. Many of the cycle bags are created as panniers or saddle bags, so you can take the bag off your back and let the bike carry the load. Plus, they're available in a kaleidoscope of bright colours and can even be personalised.

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Finisterre Recycled Fleece Neck Warmer

Finisterre Fleece Scarf

Finisterre are truly the leaders in performance when it comes to winter-ready kit, and this fleece neck warmer is no exception. Perfect for cold mornings and evenings on the bike, and made from 100% recycled Polyester.

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Kinto Tumbler Tokyobike

The Kinto Travel Tumbler from Tokyobike is designed to keep hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold, all while looking beautiful and offering a lightweight, leakproof vessel. Perfect for long (or short) bike rides.

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Made Dayde Bike Stand

Is there a more stylish way to store your bike? We don't think so. Give your bike pride of place with the Dayde bike stand from Made: as much a piece of wall art as it is functional bike storage. It's high up on our own Christmas wish list this year, too.


Labo Mono Jacket

Labo Mono Jacket

Labo Mono creates outerwear that isn't just pleasant to look at, but is cleverly engineered and highly durable for outdoor adventures. Not only that, but each jacket is sustainably made from 30 recycled plastic bottles.

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Waterhaul Sunglasses

Waterhaul Sunglasses

Made from 100% recycled polypropylene trawl nets and lines, each pair of Waterhaul sunglasses meets the needs of UV protection while reducing waste fishing net pollution (plus they look good too). Made from 'ghost nets', Waterhaul sunglasses frames last you a lifetime, because they are made from nets that would last decades in the ocean.

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Legology Scented Candles

Legology Scented Candle

Legology's uplifting Holiday-At-Home candle with notes of lime, bergamot and lemon evokes summer sunshine and is the perfect antidote to cold winter days. This candle blends UK-sourced, sustainable soya and beeswaxes, so you know it's kinder to the planet too.

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Good Ordering

Good Ordering Stickers

All kids love stickers! If Father Christmas shopped at Good Ordering he'd probably choose these parent pleasers. This set contains six different slogans.

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Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim

Made in Cardigan, Wales, Hiut Denim Co. specialises in pure and simple, well-made jeans. We particularly love the A-B Jean with a reflective print in the back of each turn-up for added visibility on the winter commute. The pattern is made up of commuter routes from Hiut customers from around the world.

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Bracenet retrieves discarded fishnets from oceans worldwide and gives them a new life, recycling them into colourful bracelets and more. Each finished Bracenet is unique due to the varying net structures, colours and size. Through sales of their upcycled accessories, they also support valuable marine conservation work through the charities Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving.

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Temple Cycles Pannier Backpack

Temple Cycles Pannier Backpack

Unsure what to buy for a style-concious cyclist? Temple Cycles' unisex roll-top backpack is designed for everyday adventure, plus neatly converts into a pannier bag if you need your bike to take the load.

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Melt Chocolates

Melt Chocolates

Cicero stated that all we need for happiness is a "library and a garden". Melt Chocolate combined these two ideas into this chocolate library, filled with milk and dark chocolate bars inspired by a tropical paradise garden. Lovingly handmade by chocolatiers and hand wrapped in their Holland Park kitchen.

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Din varukorg

How to pick the right size +

Measuring and fitting

Measuring your head

Measure the widest part around your head – this is usually approx. 1cm above your ears. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure just use a piece of string or ribbon and find a ruler.

The 2 models of Dashel helmets come in different sizes.

Dashel Re-Cycle Helmet 
Small (S): 54-56.5cm
Medium (M): 57-59cm
Large (L): 60-62cm

Carbon Fibre Edition
Medium (M): 57cm - 58.5cm 
Large (L): 59cm - 61cm

How to Fit your Helmet

Place the helmet on your head, push it down ensuring it sits level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows and does not tilt too far backwards or forwards. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting. Depending which helmet you have purchased, use the comfort pads or adjuster dial to adapt it to your size

Tighten the chin strap, the 'Y' shape should fit just below your ears. The Fidlock clasp must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone.

Make sure the strap feels comfortable but secure. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.

How to Achieve the Perfect fit

Depending on which helmet you have purchased, you will either have a pad system to achieve the perfect fit or an integrated dial fit system.

Re-Cycle & Team GB - adjust the dial on the rear of the helmet to achieve the perfect fit.

Carbon Fibre & Ocean Edition - Included with your purchase is a set of black 10mm wide pads. The silver pads already in your helmet are just 5mm thick. For a tailor made fit, mix and match according to whether your head is narrow, high or round.

The pads are just to make the helmet as comfortable as possible. They do
not contribute to the performance of your helmet in a crash, if you wish to
remove some completely then do so.

Remember a cycle helmet can only protect you it if fits properly. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting and sit level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows. Do not tilt it too far backwards or forwards. The Fidlock clasp
must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.


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