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Design and Construction

Dashel Cycle Helmets. Made in England. Built to Last.

Dashel Helmets are made sustainably. Manufactured at a factory in Cornwall, which makes helmets for the military and marine industry.

It's important to make eye-contact with drivers when you are on the road, so you need to be able to turn your head easily to shoot a quick glance. Some urban helmets weigh as much as 450g-500g. We wanted to keep things light and safe, so that's why we use carbon-fibre. It is more expensive, but a light helmet reduces many risks to the user.

The helmets are designed to last. Dashel's helmets have a multi-impact liner that doesn't degrade over time. The regular drops and knocks that helmets take when carried about won't damage it, so you can invest in a helmet that won't need replacing every few years.

Every stage of manufacturing is completed by hand, from moulding the lightweight but exceptionally strong carbon-fibre shells through to inserting linings, attaching leather bands and finishing.


Design Features

  • Carbon Fibre Shell - strong and light
  • Liner made from a multi-impact foam that doesn't degrade over time
  • Vented
  • A magnetic clasp - no more pinched skin 
  • Harness webbing weaved in Derbyshire
  • Packaged in a waterproof drawstring backpack, for ease of carriage when not in use
  • Certified CE EN1078 the European Standard
  • Lightweight 300g-380g 

    Customise the Fit & Look
  • Each helmet is supplied with a variety of pads to tailor a made-to-measure fit
  • Leather carrying loop at the back - belts can be attached to customise your look

    Dashel Helmets are a registered design
    Industrial design by Map Project Office

    Votre panier

    How to pick the right size +

    Measuring and fitting

    Measuring your head

    Measure the widest part around your head – this is usually approx. 1cm above your ears. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure just use a piece of string or ribbon and find a ruler.

    The 2 models of Dashel helmets come in different sizes.

    Dashel Re-Cycle Helmet 
    Small (S): 54-56.5cm
    Medium (M): 57-59cm
    Large (L): 60-62cm

    Carbon Fibre Edition
    Medium (M): 57cm - 58.5cm 
    Large (L): 59cm - 61cm

    How to Fit your Helmet

    Place the helmet on your head, push it down ensuring it sits level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows and does not tilt too far backwards or forwards. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting. Depending which helmet you have purchased, use the comfort pads or adjuster dial to adapt it to your size

    Tighten the chin strap, the 'Y' shape should fit just below your ears. The Fidlock clasp must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone.

    Make sure the strap feels comfortable but secure. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.

    How to Achieve the Perfect fit

    Depending on which helmet you have purchased, you will either have a pad system to achieve the perfect fit or an integrated dial fit system.

    Re-Cycle & Team GB - adjust the dial on the rear of the helmet to achieve the perfect fit.

    Carbon Fibre & Ocean Edition - Included with your purchase is a set of black 10mm wide pads. The silver pads already in your helmet are just 5mm thick. For a tailor made fit, mix and match according to whether your head is narrow, high or round.

    The pads are just to make the helmet as comfortable as possible. They do
    not contribute to the performance of your helmet in a crash, if you wish to
    remove some completely then do so.

    Remember a cycle helmet can only protect you it if fits properly. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting and sit level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows. Do not tilt it too far backwards or forwards. The Fidlock clasp
    must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.